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Espresso Love 61x61cm SOLD

Espresso Love 61x61cm SOLD

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61 x 61 cm

Espresso Love is inspired by the coffee coloured warm earth tones found in the Australian landscape.

Painting abstracted flowers is a passion of mine and I love to create their awesome colour combinations. In this painting I have placed the flower's beauty at the forefront over a dramatic dark coloured, almost black background.
Flowers are a symbol of new life, abundance and beauty, they bring such joy into my home. I want to share the love and good positive vibes they carry into your room.

These flowers are painted in an expressive style that would suit a range of different decors. This artwork is full of life, movement and colour with loose foliage shapes from nature.
My aim is to create happiness with a lovely fresh floral artwork that makes a statement on your wall and will bring a smile to your face every morning.

I've used the technique of layering paint to reveal both the contrasting and complementary colours underneath. This painting has beautiful visible individual brushstrokes that give added texture.

- This painting comes with wire on the back so it is all ready for you to hang on your wall
- Painting does have a hardwood internal frame, it could also be framed externally and would look great in perhaps a raw timber or black floating frame (frame not supplied)
- The sides of the canvas are painted as well as I believe you should be able to view the artwork from all sides
- Signed on the front with my name
- Artwork title and my name are written on the back
- This is an original painting
- In situ photo may not be exactly to scale
- all of my work comes with a certificate of authenticity and free happiness!
- Painting measures 61 x 61 cm with a side depth of 4 cm
- I package my art securely in thick walled cartons using protective layering.

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