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Jen is an Australian contemporary artist creating colourful paintings inspired by nature from her Melbourne studio.

Taking a semi-abstract impressionist approach, Jen chooses colour palettes carefully, aiming to either enhance the feelings of joy with bright hues or create a tranquil, meditative space with earth tones. Her canvases often start out with a charcoal base before she adds her optimistic emotional response and interpretation of nature on top.

Several career highlights include nomination by the 2 largest Australian online galleries as ‘An Artist To Watch in 2022 and A Rising Star 2022’. Jen was a  finalist in the 2021 Bluethumb Art Prize, had artworks featured by The Block contestants Hannah and Clint in their Artist Lane x The Block Shop collaboration and was featured in Grand Designs Australia Magazine.

Currently Jen is abstracting flowers from nature, layering the organic forms, creating a textured surface and enhancing the colours. 'The deep charcoal backgrounds reflect the emotion I feel as we humans choose to wreak havoc on our environment, this is in juxtaposition to the beauty of the flowers and organic life that we must preserve. For me, it is important that my art should tell a story and also bring pleasure to connect with the viewer so that it’s both enjoyed and highlights the need protect our planet. I am passionate and optimistic about protecting and preserving our environment in all its natural beauty'.

'My paintings bring the outdoors inside and are intended to give joy and happiness from connecting with nature’.

Creating new paintings is part of Jen’s everyday life as a full time Artist. 'Colour to me is everything, I have a pure love of mixing the colours of buttery paint'.

The Impressionist painters and Modern Abstract artists have had a lasting influence on Jen’s work as she strives to use light and colour to capture the feeling of a moment. As the great Impressionist artist Cezanne said ‘A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art’.

After completing an Honours Degree at Monash University, Jen spent time travelling Europe, Indonesia and Australia.

Jen has paintings in the corporate market and in private collections in Australia and overseas.

’I enjoy creating commission pieces with you, please feel free to contact me! I'd love to bring colour and happiness into your space!'


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RECENT EXHIBITIONS: 2021 Brunswick Street Gallery Small Works, 2020 Roberts McCubbin, 2020 A4 Art Exhibition Contemporary Art Society Victoria, 2019 Albert Park Art, 2019 Mt Eliza Art, 2019 Flemington Art, 2019 Linden Postcard, 2019 Hart Art, 2019 Mount View Art, 2019 Canterbury Art, 2019 Blairgowrie Yacht Squad.


ACHIEVEMENTS AND AWARDS: 2022 Bluethumb Gallery Curation and Interview, 2021 Finalist Bluethumb Art Prize, 2021, 2021 Interviewed for The Creatives Podcast, Featured in Grand Designs Magazine, 2020 The Block Shop Art Prints, 2020 Temple and Webster Art Prints, 2020 Featured in Art Lovers Australia Magazine, 2020 Hannah & Clint Collection x Artist Lane Collaboration, 2020 Gallery representation with Martine Gallery, 2020 Gallery representation with White Space Gallery, 2018 Featured Artist on Bluethumb, 2017 Roberts McCubbin Primary Commission, 2016 Feature Artist at Canterbury Art Exhibition, 2015 Artwork published in Imago Mundi 'Looking Down Under' Australian Contemporary Art, Luciano Benetton World Art Collection, 2014 Third Prize Canterbury Art Exhibition, 2012 Major Commission of 3 panel outdoor painting for St. Dominic’s Primary, 2011 Artwork published in the Roberts McCubbin card series, 2010 Recognition of Support - MIND, 2009 Feature Artist at Roberts McCubbin Art Exhibition (also purchased a painting for their collection), 2010/2008 Artwork published in the Canterbury Art Exhibition Calendars.