About Me


Jen is an Australian contemporary artist creating on trend paintings inspired by nature from her studio in Melbourne.

Every day I spend time outdoors and this can be seen in my work. It enables me to paint fresh, lively compositions full of organic shapes, flowers and foliage.

Outside in the natural environment is where I am most comfortable. Sketching the organic forms that surround me, I take them back to my studio where I abstract the beauty and vibrancy of the experience into my paintings.

Jen's work currently focuses on the depiction of flowers in nature utilising layering of abstract organic forms. 'The deep charcoal background reflects the darkness I feel when we as humans choose to continually wreak havoc on our environment, this is in juxtaposition to the beauty of the flowers and organic life that we must preserve. For me, it is important that my art should both tell a story and bring pleasure to the viewer so that it can be enjoyed and highlight the need protect our planet'.

'My work is to make something beautiful'. I am passionate about protecting and preserving our environment in its natural state and in all its beauty. I'm a big supporter of the environmental positive action work of The Sustainable Living Foundation and a portion of the proceeds from every sale is donated to support their initiatives.

What excites me is creating compositions that use a luminous mix of rich colours and texture. My paintings bring the outdoors inside and are intended to give the joy and happiness that comes from connecting with nature.

Each work is a series of layers until the final image is built up to bring dimension to the surface along with imagery to narrate the viewer through the painting.

Jen’s work is fresh, alive and allows you to continually discover new aspects in each piece of art.

Creating new paintings is part of Jen’s everyday life as a full time Artist. 'Colour to me is everything. I have a pure love of mixing colours with buttery paint and what excites me is creating works that capture beauty in a luminous mix of rich intense colours and texture'. Jen uses bright, bold colour to stimulate the viewer so they look closer and engage with the art.

The Impressionist painters and Modern Abstract artists have had a lasting influence on Jen’s work as she strives to use light and colour to capture the feeling of a moment. As the great Impressionist artist Cezanne said “A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art”. Jen feels extremely fortunate to be able to create and express herself, “it is a gift of escapism that I will never take for granted”.

After completing an Honours Degree at Monash University in Melbourne, Jen spent time travelling Europe, Indonesia, Asia and Australia. She is interested in art history, travel and the pursuit of colour.

Jen has paintings in the corporate market and in private collections in Australia and overseas. She loves designing and working with you to create your very own commission piece.


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