Giving Back - Sustainable Living Foundation donations

As a nature lover I am passionate about caring for our environment. Did you know that I chose to spend 8 months of my life travelling Australia and living in a tent! I think this experience gave me the unique opportunity to connect with nature on a deeper level than is present in our modern lives.

I'm a fanatical recycler of everything! And many years ago I stopped buying junk.

I am deeply concerned with the impact our daily lives have on the world around us. I was super excited when my local council recently introduced curbside food scraps recycling, turning it into compost and saving it from land fill.

Even though I'm a tiny speck in the world I want to leave a healthy world to my children. So every week I take my soft plastics back to the supermarket to be made into useful products like park benches. I don't buy clothing if what I have is fine, I even wear my growing kids discarded fashions. I spend countless minutes everyday training my family on the proper use of the recycling symbols on packaging and the correct bins for discarding waste. I walk to the shops instead of driving and I try to buy food that has no packaging. I could go on...don't get me started.... but I'll stop here for now.

One last thing - the packaging I use for wrapping my paintings has all been sustainably sourced so that it is compostable, biodegradable or recyclable.

Obviously sustainable living is a huge interest and priority for me. This is why I'm a big supporter of the work of the Sustainable Living Foundation of Australia and a portion of the proceeds from every sale will be donated to support their initiatives. 



Sustainable Living Foundation (SLF) formed in 2000 to promote sustainable living and effectively engage the wider community. 

SLF is helping to promote the rapid adoption of ways of living that will sustain the community of life locally and globally.  SLF aims to make its contribution through the creation of 'platforms'.  These platforms enable large numbers of people and organisations to cooperate and share information in the pursuit of social and ecological sustainability.

One of the major initiatives is the staging of the annual National Sustainable Living Festival, which is the largest celebration of sustainability in Australia with a whole month dedicated to talks, workshops, performances, art and film on a range of sustainability topics.

SLF recognised the absence of significant state or federal political leadership, the lack of political vision, and the abandonment of existing Environmental Non Government Organisations (ENGOs). They recognised a need for a ‘positive, solution-orientated’ organisation as a priority.

SLF created Breakthrough, the National Centre for Climate Restoration, an independent think tank that develops critical thought leadership to influence the climate debate and policymaking. Breakthrough’s mission is to develop and promote strategy innovation and analysis that is essential to deliver safe climate restoration.