New landscape collection at Jumbled

New landscape collection at Jumbled



JUMBLED invited me to create 4 new landscape paintings after joining their gang of super talented artists last year. I'm in love with this collection and I reckon if I'm in love they probably wont last long because JUMBLED are superstars at finding new homes for original one of a kind art.

I am incredibly excited because I've been a huge fan of their colour packed art and homewares for years!!

Pip, Jess and the team at Jumbled are obsessed with original art! They are passionate about the artists they represent and believe there is something for everyone! If you’re also a lover of art, colour and all things beautiful - there are treasures to be found at JUMBLED. 

Currently JUMBLED are stockists of my modern countryside paintings.

Everything at JUMBLED is hand picked, just for you! The JUMBLED Online store is there to serve as your favourite one-stop shop, bringing style and beauty into your home like never before. From living room furniture to kitchenware, bedroom furniture to our stunning JUMBLED original art, they just know that you’re going to fall in love with their bright and beautiful collection.

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