Bluethumb Gallery Art Prize 2023

Bluethumb Gallery Art Prize 2023

So exciting to be part of the Bluethumb Art Prize 2023 Winners Announcement at Bluethumb's flagship Richmond gallery. The gallery was filled with the Finalist's art and buzzing with Bluethumb artists, collectors, team members, judges and winners. I absolutely love catching up with art mates, the lively Bluethumb team and meeting new art lovers.

Bluethumb received an astonishing 8,000+ entries, whittled down to 350 finalists across several categories. This year’s winners were selected by Bluethumb Art Prize 2022 overall winner Lauren Starr; top-selling Indigenous Artist Karen Lee Mungarrja; Kate Gordon, the Creative Director of iconic Australian family-owned Robert Gordon Pottery; Interior Designer and Director of TLC Interiors Chris Carroll; and National Magazine Editor of Domain Natalie Mortimer.

Bluethumb Art Prize 2023 Overall Winner: Serpent’s Coil by Ellie Sutton
Following Lauren Starr’s footsteps, Ellie Sutton has won the $50,000 Bluethumb Art Prize 2023 overall winnings. This is the emerging artist’s first Bluethumb Art Prize win. Congratulations to Ellie!

The total prize pool was an astonishing $100,000 - the largest art prize in Australia.



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