Paris 30x23cm

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30 x 23 cm

Oil Paint on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Paris was influenced by a story of bravery that was in the media at the time I painted this artwork. This painting rejoices the strength of the human spirit, I admire that!

Painting flowers is a passion of mine mixed with my love of their happy colours. In this painting I have placed their beauty at the forefront over a dramatic deep coloured background. Flowers are a symbol of new life, abundance and beauty, they bring such joy into my home. I want to share the love and good positive vibes they carry into your room.

These flowers are painted in an expressive style in soft pastel blush pinks, yellow-apricots colours with bursts of turquoise, deep blue-greens and bright yellow-greens that would suit a range of different decors. This artwork is full of life, movement and colour with loose foliage shapes from nature. My aim is to create happiness with a lovely fresh floral artwork that makes a statement on your wall and will bring a smile to your face every morning.

I've used the technique of layering paint to reveal both the contrasting and complementary colours underneath. This painting has beautiful visible individual brushstrokes that give added texture.

- This painting comes with wire on the back so it is all ready for you to hang on your wall
- Painting does have a hardwood internal frame, it could also be framed externally and would look great in perhaps a raw timber or black floating frame.

- The sides of the canvas are painted as well as I believe you should be able to view the artwork from all sides

- Signed on the front with my name
- Artwork title is written on the back
- This is an original painting
- All of my work comes with a certificate of authenticity and free happiness!
- Painting measures 30 x 23 cm with a side depth of 3.5 cm
- I package my art securely in thick walled cartons using protective layering and the painting is wrapped in bubble wrap.

- For other sizes and colours I welcome commissions.

Jen is a full time artist living and working in Melbourne painting contemporary semi abstract art. "My work is to make something beautiful, I love painting flowers and landscapes and for me they bring happiness into my home. I want to share my colourful world of happiness with you". Jen has an absolute obsession with paint, she focuses on its buttery texture and vibrant colours to produce stunning on trend paintings.
Jen has paintings in the corporate market and in private collections in Australia and overseas.
Please contact me for commission work, I'd love to bring colour and happiness into your space!



Jen Shewring

I am obsessed with colour and nature! Outside in the natural environment is where I am most comfortable. Sketching the organic forms that surround me, I take them back to my studio where I abstract the beauty and vibrancy of the experience into my paintings. What excites me is creating compositions that use a luminous mix of rich colours and texture to bring the outdoors inside and give a little happiness from the benefits of connecting with nature.


Hi Jen, Your gorgeous painting arrived and we love it. Here are some photos of it in our bedroom. Thank you so much. 

Lisa and Darryl, QLD

I brought this gorgeous painting from a local artist today - Jen Shewring. I viewed the painting in her studio. She was lovely and let me take it home to see how it would look in my home and I am happy to say that I will not be giving it back.

Rachel shared my work on her community Facebook page



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